DiLL administration and teacher resources

As of summer 2023, DiLL is no longer available at D-E.

There are notes related to administering the DiLL (Digital Language Lab) software.

Information on installing the software is located here: DiLL digital language lab software

To create an account in DiLL, a student or teacher needs to log in at dill.d-e.org or  d-e.dillconnect.com using a DE network username WITHOUT the @d-e.org and My DE password.  This will automatically create an account with student rights.

To promote a student account to a teacher/instructor account, the teacher has to first create an account by logging in as above then a DiLL "superuser" has to promote the account to instructor.

Training for Teachers

To promote an account to Instructor:

An Instructor may review student recordings using the web interface.

To change an instructor account back to student, check the box in the Trash column corresponding to the account then click the Remove Administrator Statuses button. 

To promote an account to Superuser:

A Superuser may upload lesson tracks to the shared catalog and edit user accounts.

To remove Superuser, do the same as above, but uncheck the superuser box.

Technical Information Here: DiLL for CS Staff