Anual Record Archving

Each Fall, it will be the responsibility of the registrar to archive the academic and health records of the previous year's graduating class.

The student transcripts and A-45 cards will be stored in the Docuware system.

The student's main file from the Dean's office will be moved to the Archive room and held for one year before being shred.

These documents are processed in slightly different ways depending on whether the student is a graduate or a withdrawn student.

NOTE: As of December of 2023, all of the processing routines in Docuware are based on the "old transcript" template that was in use at that time. Currently, the registrar's office is working on a redeisign of the transcript using the new template. When that template becomes the standard, the Docuware import routines will need to be updated to locate index values in their correct place on the document.

Preparing for the Archive Process:

Archive A-45 Cards for Graduates and Withdrawn Students

Archive Transcripts for Graduates

Archive Transcripts for Withdrawn Students

When a student withdraws from the school, the Registrar prints a transcript for that student and keeps it in a folder in the Registrar's office. The nurse should deliver the student's A45 card to the Registrar to also be kept in that folder.

At the start of each school year, it is the responsibility of the registrar to archive the transcript and A45 for all withdrawn students who were a part of the previous year's graduating class.