Zoom Room Management

In the 23-24 school year, we have begun to transition away from licensed Zoom accounts for individuals. We are, however, continuing to maintain our licences for our Zoom Rooms. Because most individuals will not have licenses accounts, it is important that meetings in Zoom Rooms be set up with the room being the host of the meeting. Prior to this year, most people using Zoom Rooms probably created the meeting or used their personal meeting ID, and joined that meeting from the room. This would have made the individual person the host rather than the room.

Doing this from an unlicensed account will result in the meeting being cut off after 40 minutes.

Visit this Google Doc for Zoom Room links and instructions for setting up meetings to make the room the host of the meeting.

When you are hosting a meeting in a Zoom Room, the built-in Zoom Room software on the touchscreen is the preferred way of hosting the meeting. However, it is also possible to attend a Google Meet meeting from a Zoom Room.

This will allow you to take advantage of the microphones and camera that are part of the Zoom Room Equipment.

To do this, you simply access the Zoom Room app from the touch panel or iPad, and click the button for Google Meet that should appear in the app.