Email Mail Merge using YAMM

An Email Mail Merge using Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM) will let you create a Google Sheet with source information and a Draft Email with Mail Merge Fields to send personalized mass emails from your D-E Google Email Account.

Before You Start

In order to set up your account for Mail Merges, you will need to install a plugin for Google Sheets that will allow us to do a Email Mail Merge.  This plugin is called Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM).  Here is a link to it:  

Create your Draft Email

Go to your email and compose a Draft Email for your Mail Merge.  For your Mail Merge fields, put in {{Field}}, where "Field" matches a column headings of the Google Sheet with your Mail Merge data.  When you are done writing the Draft Email, click on the X to close it.  If prompted, click Yes to save the draft.  See the example.

Create Your Mail Merge Record Table

Create a new (or use an existing) Google Sheet for your Mail Merge records.  You must have a column for each of the fields you used in your Draft Email, and you must have a column titled "Email Address" which is used by the Mail Merge to know where to send the email.  If there is no column named "Email Address", it will ask you which column has the email and it will rename that column to "Email Address".

Start the Mail Merge