Digital Media Sources

Where can I legitimately get media (images and music) to use in my project?

The following sites contain lots of media files that are published with permission for you to use. However, not every image or song on all of these sites is available for free use. Read the information page where you find the media to confirm.


Before trying to rip sound from YouTube or using something you have in iTunes, try getting music or sounds from one of the sites below, which include audio you can use in your project with no risk of violating copyright.

    • Incompetech Royalty-Free Music - All free for any use under a Creative Commons Attribution license. Includes ability to browse by mood, tempo, and genre.

    • Jamendo - Use the red "Start Listening for Free" button (not Music Multimedia Projects). Includes ability to browse for free indie music by mood or genre. You can login using your D-E Google account if you want to create a playlist for your project.

    • FreePD - Public domain music, which means you can use it for any purpose without restriction. Browsable by genre.

If you need to use music on a school iPad and you purchased the song using a personal Apple ID, you can add both your personal and school Apple ID to the same Family Sharing plan to share music for free between both accounts. Family Sharing is a free service from Apple.



While you may be used to going to Google Image Search when you want to find an image, many of the images indexed there are NOT published with permission for you to copy and reuse them. (Some are, but you need to find copyright information on the ORIGINAL site to determine that.)

Here are some websites and lists of websites that do contain many images you can freely use in school projects that you are going to publish on the web. (Remember you still have to cite your source even if you are allowed to copy the image.)

Remember you should still cite your source even if the media is free and it does not require permission to use it! Examples of attribution are available here.