Lincoln Gate Vehicle Access


Below are some tips to be sure you have success driving into the Lincoln Gate when it is locked and the guardhouse is not staffed.

  • If you swipe your card and do not hear a beep, most likely your id card is damaged, let Jordan know.
  • If you swipe your card, hear a beep, but the gate does not open please be sure your car is over the safety loop. See the sketch below. The front of your vehicle has to be over the yellow safety loop, then swipe your card before the gate will open.
  • If the card beeps when swiped, your car is in the right spot but the gate refuses to open, send Jordan and Dave V. an email with a photo of the back of your id (see below). We will verify the correct code is in the system.

Car over safety loop - swipe card - reader beeps - gate should open

Bike or Foot Access

New Id Card

For everyones safety, we are implementing a contactless pickup. We will be installing a lockbox on campus by the cafeteria service entrance. Email David Vieira & Jordan Massei and tell us you need a new card. We will email you the code to get in and take one card. If you take the last card please let us know so we can replenish the stock. Take a photo of the back of the card and email it to us. We will then program it into the system and let you know. Please save your old id card in case you need to swipe to release print jobs. The new card will not be programmed to work at the xerox's, only the doors/gates. See image below