Carline and Dismissal (LS Parents Only)

In the Lower School, we use a system to help us make our dismissal run more efficiently. The School-Pass program is a tool that we have been using to alert students in their classrooms that their rides are waiting for them without having to rely on walkie talkies, which can be very disruptive.


In the 22-23 school year, we were pleased to roll out the School-Pass app to our LS parents/guardians. By using the School-Pass app, parents are able to notify teachers when they have arrived in the carline. They are also be able to make changes to their child's default pickup or authorize their child to go home with a friend. School-Pass also helps our staff to be more efficient in tracking dismissal plans and to reduce the possibility of miscommunications between home and school.


Parents are required to download and log into SchoolPass even if their child is riding the bus. This will help us in the event that parents need to make a change to their child's departure plans.


Parents must also remember to also complete the required drop off and dismissal form on the D-E Lower School Start of School website, so that we can set up the default preferences for how children will travel to and from school each day.


Parents are reminded to observe the pickup time assigned to their child's grade. If parents arrive to the carline too early, they may not be able to check in, and will slow the line down for other families. 


At the start of each school year, new parents will receive a welcome email from the School-Pass system with instructions on logging-in for the first time. On the first day of school at pickup time, parents will be asked to begin using the app to announce themselves when they enter the carline. Parents  will be able to check into the carline, when they get to this sign pictured below. We will not be using School-Pass during drop-off.

SchoolPass App - iPhone

SchoolPass App - Android

You can find more specific instructions about installing the SchoolPass app on THIS PAGE.

Parents should review the two instructional videos below to learn how to install the School-Pass app and how to check into the carline.

Note that you must be on campus to check into the carline. If you check in from off campus, you will see "Not Eligible" next to your child's name, and you won't be able to select your child for pickup.

If your child is marked as "Not Eligible" and you ARE on campus, it may be because you haven't allowed SchoolPass access to your phone's location. You can fix this with the steps below:

Apple devices:

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services

Find the SchoolPass app in the list below and change the setting to "While

Using the App" and make sure that "Precise Location" is toggled on

Android devices:

Go to Settings > Location > App Location Permissions

Find the SchoolPass app in the list below and change the setting under the

Permissions menu to "Allow only while using this app"

Additional School-Pass info. videos you might also find helpful are also provided below.

If you don't receive a School-Pass welcome email with your login instructions before the start of school, or if you have difficulty logging in, please contact our help desk at (201) 227-3177 or email


School-Pass App Info. Videos


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Checking into the Car Line - 

Updating Your Profile in the App -

Adding & Removing Drivers in the App -

Making Virtual Attendance Changes in the App -

Making Carpool Changes in the App -

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Making Early Pickup Changes in the App -

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SchoolPass for CS staff