The school version of a Padlet Pro license, called Padlet Backpack, is available to every D-E teacher and student at

To Get Started or Log In

Go to and choose login with Google to get started. This will automatically create an account for you.

(Note: if you get a message asking you to upgrade, check to make sure you have logged in to the D-E specific site -- and not the general website).

Teacher Access

If you are a teacher, email to request promotion to teacher access, which will enable a few extra features only for teachers.  (Most features are available to both students and teachers so you can get started without teacher access.)

Create a Padlet

Click here to view the five steps for you to create and share your Padlet to be used by others.

Padlet Privacy

By default, any Padlet board you create can only be seen by you.  To give others access . . .

To give others access, click the Share option to change the privacy and/or invite others to read, edit, or manage your Padlet.