How to Connect to Lower School Online Classes

The video below walks you through signing your child's account into Zoom and accessing the class link on the Lower School Distance Learning Launchpad.

It is important to remember that you need to use the Sign In with Google option in Zoom.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is my child's username or password?

The usernames and passwords for LS students were emailed to parents on Sept 9, 2020. Usernames include at the end. If you can't find that email and don't know your child's username or password, please email from an email address that we already have on file at the school. Specify what information you need and include your child's name and grade.

Where is the link to the LS Distance Learning Launchpad?

Access the Launchpad by logging into My DE and selecting it under Resources

Launchpad is in My DE under Resources

What do I do if I get a 404 error when accessing the LS Distance Learning Launchpad?

If you are receiving 404 errors there are two ways to resolve them:

Option 1 - Log completely out of any personal Google accounts and signing back in with your child’s credentials.

Option 2 - Using "Add another account.":

a) In your email account, go to the icon on the upper right and click.

b) In the resulting menu, choose “Add another account”.

c) Enter the D-E credentials provided by Mr. Shaw. Username is the FULL email address.

What do I do if my issue is not addressed above or I get a locked error message?

Please email the following to the Computer Services department at

  1. Your child's name and grade.

  2. Specifically what you are trying to access. e.g. Zoom login, launchpad page, class page, etc

  3. The text of any error messages you received. If you want to and can send a photo of the error, that's even better.

Please also copy your child's teacher on the email message. (A directory with email addresses is avaiable via this link.)