Working on Curriculum

Our school's curriculum is saved in a series of Google Docs stored in a Google Team Drive called Curriculum.

Team Drives are special places in Google Drive that make it easier to share and organize files being shared by a group of people.

All staff can edit documents inside of the team drive, but they can not move or delete the files. For now, only Department Chairs can add, move and remove documents.

To edit your curriclum...

    • Log into Google Drive as you normally would:
    • On the left, below "My Drive," find the link for Team Drives
    • Expand that icon and find "Curriculum."
    • Inside of Curriculum, find your department.
    • Courses are organized inside each department under folders for Middle School and Upper School.
    • Lower School curricula are in a special folder labeled "Lower School" and not inside of any departmental folder.