D-E calendars on iPhone and iPad

How to Subscribe to My DE Calendars such as your My DE Schedule

The directions immediately below are how to add your class schedule to the iOS Calendar app on an iPad or iPhone:

    1. Use Safari on your iPad/iPhone to Log in to My DE and select Calendar from the top navigation bar.
    2. Click on the Web Cal icon - - near the upper-right corner of the calendar. A box labeled "WebCal Feed for External Calendar" will appear.
    3. Under My Calendars, tap "Individual Filter Feeds" to display the list of calendars.
    4. Tap on the LINK (blue text on the right) that says Schedule and choose Subscribe for that calendar. Then tap Done and Cancel the WebCal Feed box.

You can also use this to add other My DE Calendars from the Individual Filter feeds page using the directions above.


How to Show Google Calendars in Apple Calendar App

Follow these directions from Google if you would like multiple calendars from your D-E Google account to show up in the native Apple Calendar application on your iPhone or iPad:

See Google Calendar events on Apple Calendar

Most students will find this unnecessary if they used the Subscription method above.