Flint K12 for teachers

Flint K12 is like a school version of ChatGPT developed for use by students and teachers in K12 schools.  D-E is currently piloting the service from January until June of 2024 for use by teachers of any grade level and their students in any division. Flint allows a teacher or a coach to create a chat bot configured to your specific purpose by inputting learning objectives. 

Two of the things that Flint can facilitate are:

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There is no free version, but you can access a trial of the service on request. Please create a support request with Computer Services or email help@d-e.org to if you would like access to Flint for yourself or your students. 


Please share your questions, positive and negative opinions, and experiences related to Flint with Bill Campbell in Computer Services. One purpose of this one-semester pilot is to determine if we should continue with the service next year.  Your input will inform that decision.