Printing at Dwight-Englewood is primarily through a few large networked Xerox printers we have stationed around campus.  These printers are configured with Print & Release software called PaperCut.  You can print to either the D-E Black&White Xerox or D-E Color Xerox printer on your device, and then you go to any of these Xerox printers to "release" your print job.

This system helps to save paper, and it also ensures you will always be at the printer when your print job comes out so it can't become misplaced or taken by mistake by another user. 

Xerox Printers available through D-E Black&White Xerox and D-E Color Xerox

How to use D-E Black&White Xerox and D-E Color Xerox

You will need to install the PaperCut software on your device: Installing & Using Network Printers.

After you install the Xerox printers and try to print, enter your D-E email address and My DE password if prompted.

When you go to any Xerox printer, you will need to sign in by swiping your ID card, or by entering your Printer PIN.  If you don't have your ID card, you can find your Printer PIN in MyDE: Printer PIN

Once you are at the Xerox printers, here's how to release your print job, or to use the other Xerox features such as Copying and Scan to Email:  Xerox Printing Guide

Office Printers

In addition to our large Xerox printers, many offices and faculty studies have printers assigned to these offices.  These printers are restricted to staff printing only.  Follow these directions to install your office printer on your Mac or PC: Office Printers


Having trouble printing on your Mac?  Take a look at this page which details common troubleshooting steps: Printing from Mac

Still having trouble?  Please contact Computer Services at so we can help you!

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