Dwight-Englewood School owns a School License for the Gradekeeper grade book software for Windows and online web use. Mac OS X. A licensed copy of the software is available to any teacher while they are employed at D-E.

To install, download and run the software appropriate for your Windows or Mac computer from here. The publisher of Gradekeeper as stopped developing the Mac version of Gradekeeper and has replaced it with a web version of the app instead:

From the developer: "Apple will soon stop supporting 32-bit apps on Mac OS. Gradekeeper for Mac is a 32-bit app. To use Gradekeeper on a Mac, you should use the Gradekeeper web app. "

The web version of Gradekeeper is available at You can use the web version on a Mac or Windows computer. However, you need to create a (3rd party) account to save your work. More information is in the Gradekeeper User's Guide.

To use a paid licensed version of the program at no additional cost to you, enter the license information here when prompted. (The web page with the license information requires you to login using your D-E username and password.)

P.S. If you are using a Mac and don't want to deal with a account or learning the Gradekeeper web version, you might want to evaluate using the My DE online grade book to see if it meets your needs. More information is here.