TI-Nspire Calculator

Operating System not found.

To fix this error message, you will need two pieces of software.

TI-Nspire Computer Link https://education.ti.com/en/products/computer-software/ti-nspire-computer-link

TI-Nspire OS file (.tcc) for your calculator https://education.ti.com/en/software/update/ti-nspire-software-update

    1. Install and open TI-Nspire Computer Link
    2. When the Select Handheld window appears, connect your Calculator to your computer with a USB cable. If it doesn't show up in the list, hit Refresh.
    3. Select your calculator and click Select.
    4. Tools -> Install OS
    5. Navigate to your Downloads folder and select the TI-Nspire Operation System file (.tcc)
    6. The OS will now install.

Once the OS is done installing, your calculator will restart. You can close TI-Nspire Computer Link and disconnect the USB cable. Just go through the setup prompts on your calculator and you are done!