School Closing Alerts - Setup

Dwight-Englewood uses a system called Blackboard Connect to send out emergency and school closure notifications to parents.

These notifications can come through phone messages, emails, or both.

It is important that parents configure the emergency contact section on each of their children's myDE profile, so that the system knows what numbers should be called.

The system is configured to call up to two numbers in the event of a school closure.

Parents can follow these instructions to configure the numbers to be called. Note that only the first two numbers in the list of emergency contacts will be called in the event of a school closure, so be sure that the numbers at the top of the list are the ones you want called. In the event of an emergency with a child, we will call all of the numbers that we have on file until we reach someone.

If no emergency contacts are configured in myDE, the system will call the home number for each parent listed. If a home number is not listed for one or both parents, the system will call the mobile number for that parent.