TurnItIn for Teachers

TurnitIn is an online plagiarism prevention tool that we have used here at DE for a number of years. It may also be used for teacher to provide feedback and online annotatons of work to students.

As of May 2017, TurnItIn is now integrated with My DE. In order to have students submit work to the TurnItIn service, you now only need to create a My DE assignment, choose the TurnItIn option, and change any settings you wish. You no longer need to go create a teacher account or a class.

For more details see the section How to use Turnitin with an assignment in this Turnitin help page from Backbaud (the provider for the MyDE system).

Information on using the TurnItIn GradeMark system for providing feedback and annotation of student work is here: Providing Feedback and Grading

Also as of May 2017, neither teachers nor students need to setup account or classes if the class exists in My DE.