mmhmm extension for Zoom

mmhmm is softwareyou can use with Zoom (and other video meeting services) to provide your audience with a more interesting experience while presenting over Zoom on a Mac. (Website is

It takes some extra effort and practice to manage mmhmm during a Zoom meeting so you might find it a bit overwhelming to use during a hybrid class, at least in the beginning. Therefore, you might want to first try it during an online-only class or meeting.

How do I try it?

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To install:

As of April 2021, mmhmm is available for use on Mac and Windows. You can download the installer for it at this link.

mmhmm is not available for iPad.

How to get a free, one-year license to the Premium version:

When you first try mmhmm you will automatically get Premium access for free for 14 days then it will revert to the Free/Basic access. The free/basic version of mmhmm only allows you to use the premium features for 60 minutes a day. If you'd like to use the non-basic, Premium version with no limits after that, teachers and students can request one year of premium access per these directions:

A year of free Premium access for teachers and students

Hundreds of educators tell us mmhmm helps create enriching virtual classrooms, so we’re offering mmhmm Premium free of charge to students and educators for one year. First, you’ll need to download the app to create your account. Once you’ve created your account, follow the instructions on the Education page to verify your school email address. (Source)

Otherwise, mmhmm costs about $10/month or $100/year.

Getting Started Guide and User manual:

A good place to first learn more is the collection of short (less than 3 minutes each) video tutorials at this link. (Total time for all tutorials was about 15 minutes as of April 2021.)

For more even more details, see the mmhmm support page -

What does mmhmm let me do?

One common use is to show both you and a shared screen (or pre-made slides) in the same video frame. Here's a 30 second video demonstrating sample results:


During a Zoom meeting, select the "mmhmm Camera" in Zoom (the same way you select the Konftel camera in a classroom) to broadcast your mmhmm "stage" to everyone on Zoom.

You may have to restart Zoom or your computer right after you install mmhmm in order to get the mmhmm camera to show as a camera option in Zoom. Using this select camera method is typically easier that using the Zoom share screen option although that works too.

What's the deal with name mmhmm?

Visit this page to hear why it's named mmhmm and to see a demonstration of its interactive recording feature.