iPad apps

MS students can find a link to this page in My DE under Resources > Information for MS Students. This page is also available at bitly.com/deapprequest

D-E students in the Middle School are only permitted to install authorized apps on the student's school iPad. An app is authorized if it appears in the Self Service app. Apps are added to the authorized list and Self Service after being approved by a teacher. Any MS student can suggest that an app be added to the authorized list by following the procedure decided on by each grade level and documented at the appropriate link below. Apps suggested by students are approved by classroom teachers.

If you are a student requesting an app, please follow the directions in the link below for your grade:

(Students: Notice you need to answer the four questions in a shared Google Doc, not send an email.)

Information for Teachers

  • MS Teachers can see previous applications for apps by students at iPad App Requests (Google Drive folder)

  • This list of apps used by MS students including the discipline and purpose for the use is at iPad Apps at D-E.

  • Any MS teacher only (students follow the policies above) can add an app to the approved list and Self Service by emailing the following to help at d-e.org (Computer Services Help Desk):

    1. name of app

    2. link to the app in Apple App Store (preferred) or name of app publisher (to easily identify the app)

    3. the intended use of the app (One or two sentences regarding how it applies to your course. This will be added to the iPad Apps at D-E list.)

    4. what grade(s) or course need the app

    5. deadline (date) for when students first need access