iPad apps

MS students can find a link to this page in My DE under Resources > Information for MS Students. This page is also available at bitly.com/deapprequest

Information for Students

D-E students in the Middle School are only permitted to install authorized apps on the student's school iPad. An app is authorized if it appears in the Self Service app. Apps are added to the authorized list and Self Service after being approved by a teacher. Any MS student can suggest that an app be added to the authorized list by following the procedure decided on by each grade level and documented at the appropriate link below. Apps suggested by students are approved by classroom teachers.

If you are a student requesting an app, please follow these directions:

To suggest an iPad app for use on your school iPad, please email answers to ALL of the following questions to the teacher who will approve this AND help@d-e.org (Computer Services Help Desk) .

Based on your answers, your teacher will either approve, deny, or ask you to revise your request.

After one of your teachers has approved the app and notified the Computer Services department, CS staff will add the app to Self Service for access by any student in your grade.

Please remember that even after an app is approved, students may still be asked to remove it from school iPads if teachers decide it is a distraction that is greater than the educational value.

Information for Teachers