Network Drives on a Mac

On a Mac, Network Drives (like the M drive) are not automatically connected when you log in. However you can still access the network drives easily by following these steps.

1. Select Finder (the File Manager app). In the Finder menu, select Go -> Connect to Server.

2. In the Connect to Server window, enter this Server Address: smb://

If this is already listed under Favorite Servers, just select it. If it isn't listed under Favorite Servers, click on the Plus button to add it to the Favorites list.

Then click Connect to open the network drive.

3. Open the Network Drive you want.

M Drive - Select DWIGHT

L Drive - Select LS

P Drive - Select PHOTOS

4. Navigate to the folder you need, and drag it into the Favorites on the left side of the Finder window. Now you can access the network folders you use quickly and easily from Finder by just clicking on that folder under Favorites.