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Directions for Common Tasks

Directions for procedures teachers need to do but not frequently enough to remember all the steps are posted here. This includes accessing learning profiles, viewing assignments from previous years, and completing term grade related tasks.

How do I access previous or future courses during the summer?

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This will work for past courses at any time or upcoming courses during the few days before school starts when students do not have class page access but teachers do have access.

During part of the summer scheduling process, the Courses navigation button does not show up. However, your past courses are still available for reference or to start editing for the upcoming year. (You can copy from a past course to a current course when the latter is available.) To access past courses, go to Resources, look for Group Finder, and click View All. Then select the year for the course you with to access.

  1. From the Faculty persona, click on "Resources" (this is the 'calendar page' that opens first when you log in. "Resources" is a link along the top border/banner)

  2. In the "Group Finder", click "View All". This lands you on the "My Groups" tab.

  3. In the "Year" drop down, select a year, for example "19 - 20 : All Year". (selecting "All Year" is important) or a past year.

  4. In the "Group Type" drop down, select "Academics".

How do I access a learning profile?

Learning profile for an individual student

Location of Group Finder under Resources tab

How does a MS teacher view or print a customized parent conference schedule?

"Pickatime" is the title of the web-based company that parents have been logging into and signing up for set times to meet with many of you. Each parent can sign up for a ten-minute conference with the child's English, history, math, science and language teachers (with some restrictions for teachers that teach in both divisions).

To view your schedule, you need to be logged into OUR My DE website. Once logged in, (from the "Faculty - MY DAY" page) select the "RESOURCES" tab:

Once on the RESOURCE page, look for and and click on the MS Parent Conference link:

Once on the RESOURCE page, look for and and click on the MS Parent Conference link:

Once on the RESOURCE page, look for and and click on the MS Parent Conference link:

You will be taken directly to the Pickatime website and automatically logged in. The first page you get to has your schedule (so far). You can print it and/or have it emailed directly to you.

"Teacher Schedule" will come up automatically.

"Show all slots" will show all appointments, open time slots and breaks.

"Print one per page by date" will create a cleaner document.

Click "Print" to print a copy or "Email" to email yourself a copy.

If you would prefer to download your schedule to Excel, that is also an option from this page. Use the same setting as above and then click on "Comma delimited" and an Excel file (technically a .csv or 'comma separated values' file that excel will open) will be downloaded.

Please let Jack know if you have any difficulty with this.

How do I access a learning profile?

You can view the Learning Profile for any of your students by viewing the roster of your class. If a student has a learning profile, a blue icon will appear on his or her roster card. It looks like this: Simply click on that icon to view the profile.

Learning profiles for an entire class section

The directions below describe how to generate a Learning Profile report for an entire class section.

    1. Log into the My DE area of the school website (

    2. Click on the Classes icon and choose one of your classes.

    3. Click on the Roster icon for that class.

    4. Click on run Roster/Student Reports and select Learning Profiles.

A PDF with all of the students in that class who have Learning Profile will appear in one document. You will need to open this document for each of your classes. Make sure that you read through the entire document since there are multiple students in a document.

For an explanation of what the various learning profile sections mean, please contact a member of the Student Support Services team.

How to access learning pofiles

How do I print grades and comments?

To print grades or comments for courses you teach:

Under Classes, select one of your sections. On the Class page select Grading. Click on Run Grading Reports (on the right-side of the screen) and select Section Grades. A pdf file that contains the comments you wrote for all students in that section will open in a new window. This file can be saved to your computer or printed directly from the screen.

If you want to look at one student at a time, on the Grading screen you may click on the icon with two pages to the left of " the student name. This will create a pdf version for just that student.

To print advisee comments for editing:

Go to your Advisory group page and select Grading. Click on Run Grading Reports (on the right-side of the screen) and select report cards. You will see report card links. When you click on the link for the appropriate term, a pdf file that contains all of your advisee's report cards will open in a new window. This file can be saved to your computer or printed directly from the screen. Note that before clicking the link, you can change the Font Size to 10 to make the text a little bigger.

The two typical problems that occur are that sometimes the report takes a while to generate, and it can appear to not be working, or your browser is set to not allow pop-ups from opening. If you have any problems, make sure that you are taking those two things into consideration. If it still does not seem to be working, please let Jack Armitage know as soon as possible.

Accessing comments from prior years:

Per Jack A. on 10/24/14:

  1. On the same page that first opens when you log into the website (Faculty:My Day) there is a link at the top called "Resources." Click that link and you are taken to a new page.

  2. Use the "Group Finder" (I usually click on the words "View All" first and set the year I want on the next page). Set the academic year that you want to go back to, and all of your groups from that year will appear.

  3. Select the group you want and you will see the same interface that you see for this year.

  4. Click on "Grading" and then "RUN GRADING REPORTS."

  5. There are two choices from there.

    • The first option "Section Grades by School Year" compiles all of the grades/comments for the whole year by the students in that section (basically showing you everything that you entered for each student).

    • The other option, "Report Cards," will open a window that has all of the report cards for the students in the class.

All of these reports are created in the pdf format, so while they are readable, and can be copied and pasted into Word, NotePad or any other word processing program, the formatting (carriage returns and spacing for the most part) will have to be edited by hand. This is very important if you are considering copying and pasting phrases from your old comments into those that you are writing this year; make sure you are not copying unwanted formatting into the comments you are writing this year!

How do I print a class roster for my sub folder?

    1. Log into the DE website

    2. Go to Schedule & Performance (if not already there), then click View All in the Reports block (on the right).

    3. Change the Category to Attendance -- Section Analysis.

    4. Click run for the report Manual Attendance Sheet - By Teacher And Section

    5. For School Level, select your division: Upper, Middle, or Lower.

    6. For Term, select the appropriate semester.

    7. For Teacher, select your name.

    8. For Section, select All or just the section you wish to print.

    9. Click on View/Print PDF.

  1. A new window will open with the report. Right-click inside the new window and choose Print to generate a paper copy.

How do I add an additional teacher to an existing course?

This is useful to temporarily give a colleague access to your course for covering an absence or for team teaching. It allows the additional teacher to take attendance and see or post assignments.

Any teacher can do that to any of his or her courses.

  1. From the "Roster" view of the class group page, clicking on the "MANAGE" button will open a new window.

  2. At the top of that window is a box to enter a teacher name. Usually just typing in a couple of letters will bring that name up. Click on the name and "save."

  3. That teacher is now part of your class.

To remove a teacher, it is just as simple. Click the 'x' after the teacher's name and "save." That teacher will no longer have access to your class.