Printing from Mac

Available Printers

D-E Black&White Xerox -- This will let you print in black & white to any of the big Xerox printers on campus. This includes the Xerox printers in the Library, Umpleby 1st & 3rd floors, Leggett, Klein, Hajjar STEM, and the Lower School 1st & 2nd floors.

D-E Color Xerox -- This will let you print in color to the Library and Lower School 1st floor Xerox printers on campus. You can also release your print job on the other Xerox printers, but it will come out in black & white because the printer is a black & white printer.


If your print job didn't appear on the printer, check to make sure the print job went through on your Mac. You may see a printer icon in your dock with a red number showing that your print jobs are still on your Mac. Follow these steps to clear up any printer error messages.

If you don't see the printer icon in your dock, you can get here by going to System Preferences. Click on the Apple icon in the top left corner of your screen, and select System Preferences. Select Printers & Scanners. Double-click on the printer you want to use.

Hold for Authentication

1. Click on the Refresh button for your print job.

2. When prompted for a username and password, use your D-E username (full email address) and password. Check the box to remember this password, so you don't get prompted for it again next time you go to print.

Ready to Print

The vast majority of the time you see this message, it is because your computer couldn't connect to the printer so it "Paused" the printer. You can resolve this issue by hitting the Resume button for the printer.

After hitting the resume button, it may take a few seconds for your Mac to retry sending your print job.