WeVideo is an online video editing service with both a free and paid version. The paid version also supports collaborative video editing.

D-E has a very limited number of WeVideo paid-licenses available for teachers and students. However you can try the free version without a school license. After trying the free version, if you are interested in borrowing a paid WeVideo license, please contact Computer Services at help@d-e.org

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To activate your paid license after it is assigned by Computer Services, you must use the red "Log In using Office 365" button (not the Google log in) to create an account when logging in for the first time. The Google option will work after your first log in but not the first time. (You can also continue to use the Office 365 log in option.)

To request a license, the teacher of students who need a license should email help@d-e.org with a list of students who need a paid license.

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