Apple Books

(formally called iBooks)

Some classes in the Middle School use Apple Books. These books are issued to MS student through their iPads. Student do NOT pay for them through the Apple store. However, in order to access the school-issued books, a MS student needs to be signed in to their iPad using their school Apple (not a personal Apple ID), and the student needs to have registered to receive books from the school on that iPad.

Registration to receive books is usually done when a student receives an iPad through the school and that process is part of the setup directions provided to students. However, if that step was skipped, it can be done later. See the directions below.

How to register to get Apple Books

How to register to get Apple Books


Registration prompt/invite never appears

First, please be sure to follow the directions under "How to register to get Apple Books", which includes making sure you are using your school Apple ID and that you use Self Service after that school Apple ID login in order to get the Registration Invite Prompt. If you still do not get the Registration Invite Prompt (pictured in the directions above), stop by the Taub Center or email the Computer Services Helo Desk at In your email, state that you completed all of the directions under How to Register above and make sure you don't sign in any other Apple ID besides your school one. Computer Services can reset your account so that the Registration Invite Prompt appears on your iPad and that will allow you to follow the How To Register directions and get the Apple Book you need!

Error "Can't download past purchases for ?? more days"

This may occur if you try to download a Book if you previously logged into your iPad with a personal Apple ID (such as over the summer) and downloaded a past purchase. In that case, Apple blocks you from downloading past purchased Books with any other Apple ID for 90 days. Please contact Computer Services for assistance. (More information for CS staff is here.)