Classroom Sound

Crestron Systems - Hajjar STEM and new Middle School Building

For single projector setups, whichever source you pick that sound will come out of the ceiling speakers.

Dual projector setups have the ability to project the same source or multiple sources. Depending on your building, you will have multiple sources such as HDMI , Wall Plate1, Wall Plate2, VGA, DVD/VCR, Apple TV etc.

Whichever source you pick last, regardless of projector, is the one that the sound will come out of the classroom speakers. Knowing this, let's explain this example in context.

You turn on the the system by tapping the touch screen.

Now at this point both displays are blank

Now if you select Apple TV on Projector 2 the sound will play from the Apple tv.

If we change Projector 1 to Wall Plate 1, sound will be coming from wall plate1, because that is the last source we have touched

If you wanted the Apple tv to play the sound, you would need to press the Apple tv button again on projector 2 even though it's already selected for video .

As a general rule whatever source you pick last on either projector is the sound that will play. You can always select the source again on either projector if you did not select the correct one. if the source is selected on both projectors ,the last projector you selected the same source on will have the sound coming from that input.

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If sound is not coming out of the source you have selected on the wall, click another input wait 2 seconds then click back on your initial input and this will 99 percent of the time fix the issue.