Numbers app on iPad

This page is about using the iOS version of the Numbers spreadsheet app from Apple on the iPad.

It could use more information relevant to students so if you have any tips to add, please send them to Mr. Campbell.

Charts tips

  • Bar charts are more likely to get automatically generated with labels for each bar if the data is in a column.
  • To get different color bars at the time you generate a bar chart, create a pie chart first then change the chart type to column or bar. Labels for each bar can then be displayed by modifying chart axis labels to enable Series Names in the X-axis settings.
    • To get rid of extra unused space on the right-side of a bar chart, select the chart and resize the data series using Edit References. See 40 seconds of this video example (which will start at 1:06):
  • Knowing the terms below may make it easier for you to decide what setting to change if you want to customize your chart:

Sources for more information