Pushpage Distribution Groups

This document details how to create a new pushpage distribution group.

In this example, we'll be creating a Distribution Group for all Alumni of the Class of 2019.

Step 1: Create the List of Constituents for the Distribution Group

    1. Sign into MyDE, and switch to the Core module.
    2. Under Analysis, go to Manage Lists.
    3. Under List actions, click the button for Manage basic and advanced lists
    4. Click the Add button to create a new list, and select Create Basic List.
    5. Select the "Topic" you wish to use to create the list. There are presets for current faculty & staff, or current students and parents. If there is no matching topic, select Constituent Detail, then hit Next.
    6. Give your list a Name and a Category so you can find this list later.
    7. Check the box for Enable Mail Labels and Enable Mail Merge.
    8. Set your criteria to filter your list as needed. Since I'm trying to build a list for Alumni in the Class of 2019, here is an example:
    1. Click the Run button in the bottom right to see a preview of your constituent list.
    2. Once you're happy with the result, click Save & Exit to save your list.

Step 2: Create the Pushpage Distribution Group

    1. Under Communication, go to Pushpage.
    2. Under Distribution Groups, select Create Distribution Group.
    3. Give the list a name.
    4. Under Add List(s), select the Constituent List you created in Step 1, then click Add Selected List.
    5. Under Add Static User(s), you can manually add in a constituent to also a receive a copy of any email sent to this Distribution Group (such as yourself, if you wish to receive a copy of the messages).
    6. Here's a copy of what it should look like when you finish:
    1. Click Save & Exit when you have finished. Your Pushpage Distribution Group is now ready for use!