Parent Conference Information for Teachers

MS and US - Dec 2022

From Jack (on Nov 30) regarding checking your PickAtime schedule

The link for faculty to access Pickatime is now on the Faculty Resource page. [See the image with the Bulldog below.] When you click on it, it will bring you to the Picktime website. YOUR [teacher] schedule will open automatically, and there are other reports that can be accessed from there as well. Once parents have started to sign up for conferences, your schedule will be updated with appointments as they come in. This can be exported to either a pdf document, or downloaded to Excel.

You should be able to access the other reports that are listed in the pulldown menu at the top of the page, and I will suggest that you check the report called "Display only empty (not blocked) slots" - which should be the last one on the list. This will show you your overall schedule, broken down into ten minute intervals; intervals that are missing are the preplanned breaks. This also has your Zoom information, so PLEASE CHECK TO MAKE SURE THAT IT IS CORRECT!!

To confirm your Zoom link and schedule in PickAtime:

To do this, go to the Faculty Resource page in My DE and click on the PickAtime link. The PickAtime page will open to your current schedule:

pickAtime link in My DE Resources
current schedule in pickAtime

Note that I circled a menu filter that you can change. There are a variety of reports, like how many of your parents have not signed up yet, and a list of your remaining available time slots. All of these reports are printable (or can be downloaded to Excel, or emailed to you) as well. Those of you that teach in both divisions will have to access two separate reports (one for each division). The data between divisions is shared; in other words, you won't be double-booked. But there is no "combined report" for your overall schedule available, so you will have to reset the "Event" filter to see both of them. Also note that the Zoom address that was entered by one of us is listed under your name on the schedule. Please make sure that is correct!

For questions about your conference schedule or using pickAtime, please contact Jack Armitage.

Note for teachers who have or had children at D-E

The first thing you will see is a page that shows any existing appointments for your child/children or a screen with links to go to the MS/US signup pages:

Click on the "Admin UI" link (circled above) and you will go to the reports page where your schedule will be available.

Zoom settings to change so parents can access your Zoom meeting link

For the Zoom meeting link you supplied and will use for conferences:

  1. Uncheck (disable) "Only authenticated users can join"

    • Most parents won't be able to connect if you don't change this!

    • You should reenable this authenticated users setting before your next student class to reduce the chance of "zoom bombing"

  2. Check "Enable Waiting Room" (if not already enabled)

Watch the video below or follow this link for the steps to find the settings above.

Zoom Conferences.mp4