How to upload to Google Drive from iPad

The method for uploading a image, video or document from an iPad to a Google Drive folder varies depending on the item or the App used to create the item. If you have a question about uploading something from an iPad App not listed here, please email help at for more information.


  1. Go to the Keynote dashboard/start screen that lists all your presentations. Do not choose an individual file and open.
  2. Tap the the upload button near the top-left corner of the screen.
    1. Select Open in Another App.
    2. Select the presentation you want to upload when prompted.
  1. Select the format: Keynote, PDF, or PowerPoint.
    • Formats besides Keynote may change the way your presentation looks.
    • Keynote format can only be opened on another iPad or a Mac.
    • PDF format is viewable on almost anything, but it can not be easily edited.
  2. Use Choose App and select Open in Google Drive.
  3. The Google Drive app will open. Tap Upload.
    1. Leave the Google Drive app open on your iPad until the upload is finished.
  4. File will be located in google drive folder under Uploads. Move it to the appropriate folder.

Camera Roll and Photos app

  1. Open Google Drive app.
    1. Navigate to the folder where you want to put the image or video.
    2. Tap on the + in the upper-right corner of the screen and select Upload Photos or Videos.
  1. Browse through your albums and tap on the image or video you wish to upload. A check in a blue circle will appear on the selected item.
  2. Tap the larger check in a blue square near the upper-right corner of the screen to start the upload.
  1. Leave the Google Drive app open on your iPad until your image or video is finished upload.

If you switch to another app your upload will pause and continue the next time you have Google Drive open. You can check the status of your upload by going to the Uploads screen in the Google Drive app.