Adobe Creative Cloud

The school has a block of licenses for Adobe Creative Cloud (all apps). Access to these apps can be requested by classes or student groups for use.

Requesting Access to Adobe Creative Cloud

To request access to Adobe Creative Cloud for your class or student group, please contact Computer Services

Downloading Adobe Creative Cloud

To download Adobe apps, you will need to download and install Creative Cloud on your PC or Mac. From Creative Cloud, you can then install any of the Adobe apps (Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.).

    1. Download Creative Cloud from here:

    2. Run the installer.

    3. When prompted to log in with an Adobe ID, do not use sign in with Google. Instead, enter your DE email address. If asked what type of Adobe ID you have, select Company/School Account or Enterprise ID. Your password is your DE password.

    4. Once Creative Cloud finishes installing, you can install and launch any of the Adobe apps through the Creative Cloud app.

Can I Install Creative Cloud on multiple devices?

See Adobe's answer:

(Adobe Creative Cloud administration for CS.)