Backup data from your D-E Google Account

Important Dates --

    • During the first week of July.. - You will officially become Alumni in the My DE system. At this point your student email will no longer be available. There is no way to forward emails received after July 1.

Note: You have probably created user accounts on other sites with your DE email address as the username or email associated with that account. Please be sure to update those accounts with a valid email address before your DE mail is turned off. When you don't have access to your DE mail, you won't be able to request a password reset from those other accounts. Some important sites you may need to update include:

    • AppleID / iTunes

    • College Board


    • Common App

    • specific college websites.

How to --

A. Download all of your Google data using Google Takeout

The easiest way to download of all of your data and mail is to use Google's Takeout service.

    1. Go to:

    2. Sign in with your D-E account

    3. Select which Google data you want to download

    4. Customize archive: It is suggested to leave the default options intact.

B. Transfer your Google data to another Google Account using Google Takeout Transfer

Google also offers a Takeout Transfer service which will transfer Mail and Drive data from your D-E account to another Google account. You may want to create a new Google account to store this data so that the transferred e-mails and Drive data does not get mixed in with your pre-existing data. ** Please keep in mind the destination account storage space must at least match the amount of data you are transferring, free Gmail accounts start at 5Gig. You may be have greater than 5Gigs to transfer, so upgrade the free account storage prior to starting transfer if you find this is your situation.

    1. Go to:

    2. Sign in with your D-E account

    3. Enter target Google account

    4. Verify the transfer by entering the code sent to your target account's email

    5. You now have the option to transfer your emails and/or Drive data. It may not be possible to transfer both if the total amount of data exceeds 15 GB. If this is the case, use the traditional Takeout service above to download your data.

    6. Once you start the transfer, data will begin to appear in your target account. This may take up to a week but for most users will take less than 2 days.

Please note: after the transfer has completed, future emails will not be transferred. Anything sent to your D-E address after July 1 will be inaccessible. There is no way to forward future emails.