Back to School Night video access for Parents and Guardians

Instructions for Accessing Teachers' Videos

For Middle- and Upper-Schoool Back-to-School Night 2021, the teachers for your child's courses have prepared video presentations for you to view. These videos can be viewed after you Log-In to MyD-E and go to the "Bulletin Board" for your child's courses.

  1. For a quick video on how to Log-In to your MyD-E account, click/go to

  2. For a quick video tutorial on how to access the "Bulletin Board" and view teachers' videos for each of your child's classes, click/go to

One benefit of this asynchronous format is that when you look for the video for any course, you may also be able to see "Downloads", "Links" or "Topics" areas with other supporting documents that are used by your child's teacher in that course. For those of you who have not ventured into this area before, there is a lot you can learn from the course pages besides seeing the video.

Teachers' videos will remain on the teachers' course "Bulletin Board" webpages for a few days.