knowBe4 Training

Each year, cyberattacks cost schools and companies hundreds of millions of dollars. Email "phishing" scams is the most common way for attackers to trick people into installing software that can compromise security or lock access to important school data.

It is the responsibility of all of us to be vigilant against such attacks and to educate ourselves in best practices for dealing with email that looks suspicious.

Dwight-Englewood uses a system called KnowBe4 to help students and staff improve their skills at detecting fraudulent email and scams.

Once each month, the system sends all users a "fake" email scam in the hopes that users will see the scam and delete the email without clicking on any of the links or entering any personal information.

If a user mistakenly clicks on more than THREE of these fake emails in a certain period of time, the system assigns the user to a training course that must be completed. Once the user takes the course, the failure count resets to a clean slate and monitors again.

If you have been assigned to one of the training courses, you will receive an email letting you know.

The training consists of several videos and text articles followed by a few questions based on what you just watched and read. Once you answer the questions correctly, you will be told that you have successfully completed the training. The entire process should take about 20 minutes.

Once you have been assigned to the training, you will continue to receive email reminders from the system until you successfully complete it.

This is something we all need to get better at, so your prompt completion of assigned training is most appreciated.

You can start any assigned training by going to:

When you receive the email informing you that you have been enrolled in training, click on the link to the training.

You may be asked to sign into the KnowBe4 site. You can do this using your email address.

Follow the prompts to start the training.

There may be several videos you need to watch. After you successfully watch each video, a "forward" arrow or a "next" button will appear in the lower right corner of the training window. Click this arrow to advance to the next task.

This first video, which is the longest, will include a demonstration of an attack.

In addition to videos, there might be other informational screens that prompt you to click icons and read additional informaiton. Once you have done this the "forward" arrow will appear in the lower right corner of the screen.

This is an example of a screen that includes several additional videos. When you click on each button a new video plays. When all videos have been watched, you will see the "next" arrow appear in the right corner.

After you have watched all of the videos, you will be prompted to take a 5 question, multiple choice quiz. You must answer four of the five questions correctly in order to complete the training.

When you have finished, you will see a message indicating you have successfully completed training.