Wireless Presentation System

This is the software you can use for wireless projection from any Windows computer.

New projectors were installed in August 2014 and they require a new version of the Wireless Presentation software called WiD (Green Icon).

You may download the software by clicking here if you need to install it. Be sure to choose the appropriate version -- Mac or Windows.

(Note: Mac laptops can also use this with limited functionality such as no sound in some cases but using AirPlay to connect to classroom Apple TV's is recommended instead.)

What do you need to do to use the Wireless device?

    1. The new WiD software is installed on school-issued laptops deployed in August 2014 or later. Double-click on the WiD icon on your desktop to launch the program.

  1. The software will search for any available projectors and display a list. If the box for Scan isn't check, check it to start the search. Double click on the room that you want to project in.

    1. A login box will appear that prompts you for a Login Code. The login code will be projected on the projection screen at the front of the room in the upper left hand corner. You will not be able to connect to the projector unless you know the login code.

    2. After you have successfully logged into the projector, you will see a small control window appear on your computer screen. On the left side of that window will be a square divided into four quadrants with a large "Play" triangle icon in the center. If you press the "play" icon, your screen image will fill the entire screen on the projector. If you click on one of the quadrants, your screen will only display in one of the four quadrants. You can use this feature to have up to 4 people connect to the projector at once.

    3. To end the projection, exit the WiD software on your laptop.

WiD device installed in most classrooms


No IP Address Visible

To get your IP address in the box do the following:

    • click on any projector's IP address

    • you should get a box which ask you to put in a LOGIN CODE

    • change the IP address to the correct IP address of your projector

    • enter the login code from the screen.

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