Hardware Repair during Quarantine

Beginning March 23, we ask that you follow the process below if your computer breaks and you need a repair. Thank you Mr. Clarke for ironing this out with Applecare Support.

    • Students and faculty can call Apple Education support directly at 800-800-2775, option 3
    • Describe the repair issues with a support agent.
    • The agent will assess the situation, and a box will be sent to the person's house.
    • A credit card is required at the time the call is made. The credit card will be billed according to the type of damage -- $99\broken screen & $299\for all other issues. If the issue is covered under warranty, a hold may be placed on the card, but no charge will be made.
    • Applecare covers a limited number of damage claims per device. If the student's device has used all of the Applecare claims, s/he will be billed the full cost of the repair.
    • If you are billed for anything during a service call, you will be charged tax. You should ask for and retain the Dispatch Number for the repair.
    • Send this dispatch number to Michael Crimmins (crimmm@d-e.org) and he will have the tax charges refunded to you.

Thank you for your patience in using this temporary hardware repair system.

Of course, if you are extra careful with your computers, you won't have to use it :-)