Seesaw is a digital portfolio tool that makes it easy to collect digital student work (and photos/scans of analog work) in one place. It includes built-in tools to easily add/record text, photos, drawings, audio recordings, and videos. Teachers can easily leave feedback for students. Also, the option to allow peer feedback is available (and controlled) by the teacher. Also, again optionally, work can be curated to share with families.  Seesaw is designed to make it accessible to Early Childhood and LS students, is simple for MS students, and is also powerful enough for use by Upper School students. 

D-E has a paid Seesaw for Schools account available to any D-E teacher. Each year, class are automatically created from MyDE class rosters for grades K-3 homerooms and LS Spanish.  Seesaw is available to all LS, MS, and US teachers at D-E on request. Please email with the list of classes you'd like rostered to use Seesaw.


Q &A

How to disable students ability to see each others work

More details on Class Settings you can change are available in Seesaw's Help Center here