Student Directory

To Access the Student Directory (or any directory)...

  • Go to and click myDE to login
  • Select Directories from the upper right corner
  • Click on the directory you want to view (e.g. Students, Parents, Staff, New Students)

Some Directories allow you to filter your results...

    • In the student Directory, you can click one of the check boxes on the right to show for example...
      • Only the class of 2020
      • Only students who live in Englewood

You can export any of the directories to a printable document by clicking the Print button at the top.

    • Entire Directory will give you everyone listed in that directory
    • Family Directory will group students and parents into family unit and display them together
    • Selection Only will give you only the results of any filters you clicked on.

Important Points --

    • If you are using the directory to create an invitation list for a party to which you are inviting the entire grade, don't forget new students. If it is summer time, new students will not show up in the Student Directory. You need to get them from the New Student Directory.
    • You may limit what is published about you and your family in the school directory at any time by contacting the school's database manager at (201) 227-3129.

Here is a little video tutorial: