Wellington Engagement Index

Student Sign In

Students sign in to submit dots by going to Resources in MyDE the choose Submit Engagement Index Dots (students). More details and images are are available in this Google Slides presentation for students: WEI_Training_for_Students

Teacher Sign In

As a teacher, you view feedback from your students by signing in to the WEI Data Visualizer at wei.witools.org. This will show you the aggregated and anonymized Dots feedback from students in your classes. Your password is not necessarily the same as your D-E network password. It is a separate password you created when you registered for a WEI user account.

If you do not remember your password, go to the WEI log in screen and click on Forgot your password or need to resend email confirmation. This allows you to request an email with a link to reset your password. If you receive the error "The user either does not exist or is not confirmed" then you never created a WEI account and need to Register as a new user as described in the section further down this page.

Accessing and understanding data from students

For information on how to interpret and access data from students after you have signed in, see one of the following:

Accessing data information for Deans

Your WEI accounts should also have counselor access. When you sign in, you can use the Teacher Explorer to still see feedback for the class(es) you teach just as any teacher can. In addition, you may click Explore Students under Student List to look up specific students by their student ID number. Don't use View Student (under Student Explorer) as that does not seem to function with counselor access. (It will show no dots.)

  • On the Explore Students list, you can click any of the column headings to sort the list by that data. For example, you might click on Grind twice to see the students who marked the most courses in the "Grind" quadrant.

  • You can also use the filter (funnel icon) to view only certain students. e.g. only grade 8 students

  • Finally, if you click double-click on any row, you will see all the feedback from that student. (Ignore the DE Class grid as it will be blank with counselor access.)

Click here for a quick video showing how to access this data using my examples above.

More details about the Student List tool are described on page 14 of this Administrator's guide. Page 1 of the guide is also a useful reminder of what the dots mean including a definition of the Engaged, Grind, Bored and Entertained quadrants.

Register as a new user

See the WEI User Registration Guide (linked here) for detailed directions on how to create a teacher account. The short version is go to wei.witools.org, click on Register as a new user, then enter the required information. School Code, Teacher Code, and Teacher ID are listed in the Google Doc displayed below.

After you register you will immediately be sent an automated email to confirm your account from Administrator@wellington.org. You can access your feedback after you follow the directions and link in that email to confirm your account. You only need to do this once (not every year) during your entire time at D-E. After that use the directions under Teacher Sign In above.

Codes Required for Registration

(You need to be logged in with an D-E employee network account to see the document below.)
WEI Registration Codes for Teachers