-Fire Drill Attendance
-Lockdown/Shelter in Place Notifications 

Ruvna will be utilized to help us account for students during fire drills.  Lockdown and Shelter in Place (SIP) alerts will also be made using this app.  At this point attendance will not be taken for lockdown/SIP, but it will be subject to change.  If you have your phone during an lockdown/SIP, if you open the alert, you will be checked in.

In preparation, faculty have been asked to install the Ruvna app or web link, and we have practiced with it a few times. However, if you don't have your phone available during a fire drill, any teacher in your vicinity can enter attendance for you, if necessary.

See the 1 minute video below for a demonstration. (Note that the video is black with audio only for the first 22 seconds.)

Ruvna Teacher Demo.mp4

App Installation

Access this page on your phone, then tap on the appropriate link below:

When you launch the app for the first time, you may be asked to enter the web address: "" You can enter this as "" then click "sign in with Google."


If you open the app (or the website if you are on Android) and click the icon in the top right, you will see notification preferences.  You can enable text and push notifications, as well as enable the app to bypass phone mute, meaning that notifications will still go through if your phone is silenced.  As a reminder, in the event of a fire drill or actual fire, the building's fire alarms will go off as well.


Sign in trouble due to MFA

Sometimes you may be unable to sign in to Ruvna because your phone is also what you use for MFA security and it times out before you can reply to the Microsoft Authenticator notification. To avoid that, choose the Enter a security code option that appears in the time out message while signing in to Ruvna. Then open up the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone and manually copy the one-time password code from your D-E email address entry in Authenticator and paste or or type it into the Enter code prompt back in the Ruvna app sign in screen.