Teacher-specific information is at DigiExam for teachers.

Note this recent change:

As of Fall 2021, DigiExam has changed the way students sign in to start an assessment. Students now access the DigiExam web service via the Resources area in My DE then click on the link there to start the DigiExam client software. A student code is no longer required.

Students still need to install the client software first. (The DigiExam client installation directions are available below.)

How Students Install AND TEST the DigiExam Client

To use DigiExam, students need to install DigiExam software before taking the assessment. Mac directions are here. Click How Students Install above to expand this section with more information.

    • For Middle School students using iPads, the DigiExam app is either in Self Service or already on your iPad. You login to the DigiExam app by using your @d-e.org email address for both the student code and email address.

    • For Upper-School students using laptops (Windows or Mac OS), see:

    • Note that part of the laptop instructions ask students to do a very quick sample test. Students should do this a day or more BEFORE class to make sure the software is working properly, and you need to see Computer Services in the Taub Center if you can't do it. If you don't try in advance, errors may show up when you try this for the first time during your actual test, and you don't want to waste time doing that during the test.

View your assessment results

In order for a student to see online feedback and results from a teacher, the teacher has to publish the results first. (Directions for teachers on this are here.) After results are published by the teacher, students can view them by accessing the DigiExam web service via the Resources area in My DE. (You do NOT use the DigiExam client/software that you used to take the test.)

In the student view, the published assessment can be found under the heading “Published results.” like the image below. Students can click on an assessment title to see their specific results and feedback

Publish results in student view