Streaming Videos on Zoom

Streaming Videos on Zoom

Note: The quality of video streaming depends heavily on the strength of your Wifi signal and home internet connection. If you have a weak connection or there are other devices on your network using large amounts of bandwidth, the video may appear choppy or delayed to your students. If an individual student has a poor connection, then that student may not be able to view the video. When possible, it may be preferable to have the students view longer videos on their own rather than through Zoom.

To Stream a Video on Zoom:

    1. Have the clip or content open on your computer and ready to go. Check licensing agreement and copyright law before streaming copyrighted material. Check Terms of Service before streaming content from a subscription service.
    2. Start Zoom meeting as usual
    3. Click “Share Screen” and a box will pop up.
    4. Select the screen you wish to share.
    5. Click “Optimize Share Screen for Video Clip.”
    6. If you want to share the audio from your computer, click “Share computer sound.”
    7. Click “Share.” Now others can see your screen.

Note: you may be prompted to install updates audio or video drivers; click install.

    1. Play your video in full-screen mode while sharing your screen.
    2. To see your students while watching the video, go to “more” and click “show video panel.”