Loom screen recording

Loom.com - Loom is an online service you can use to capture your screen, add annotations, record your voice, and/or include your face. You can then quickly and easily share your recording with others.

D-E teachers, non-teaching staff, and students can sign up for a Loom Pro account for free (forever) if you use your @d-e.org email address.

Sign up here for a Loom account. Account verification is generally the same day and sometimes only takes a few minutes.

You will receive an email confirming that your account has been automatically upgraded to Loom Pro for free. You can also check your account status here.

If you need more elaborate editing of your video than Loom provides, you can download it to edit with a video editor such as iMovie.

Also, D-E also has a limited number of Screencast-O-Matic (SOM) licenses. SOM is a different screen recorder that's a bit more complex and includes more editing features. It also has a free version, but if you need SOM Pro features you can access them here.


Mac Installation of desktop app - trouble with Security & Privacy permissions

If you are having trouble installing the Mac desktop see Mac app installation: reset accessibility permission in the Loom Help Center for directions. Don't skip step 1 a that's the easy one and it usually fixes the problem. If you need assistance with steps 2 on, please email Computer Services at help.d-e.org to schedule a time to work with someone live/online.