Sign In Troubleshooting

Having trouble signing in to My DE,  your school email, or Zoom using Google login?  Please follow these steps to help fix your sign in troubles.

A. Sign in with your Email Address

You must use your full email address as your username to sign in.  For example: not just username

B. Clear your Cookies and Cached Website Data

Sometimes web browser cookies or cached website data get corrupted and need to be reset. Please try clearing your web browser's cookies.  Below is a link to the instructions on how to do this for your web browser.  You only need to select to remove cookies and  cached images and files (or website data), 

C. Make Sure That Third-Party Cookies Are Enabled

You must ensure that your web browser allows Third-Party Cookies. Most do by default but if you need to enable this:

 If you are using Chrome browser, follow the directions below.  Otherwise, please see this page at for information on how to enable cookies in other browsers.

Chrome Browser directions:

1. Click on the "Customize and control" button (three vertical black dots), and then select Settings from the drop down menu.

2. On the Settings page, search for cookies at the top to filter the settings menu, and then select Site Settings.

3. On the Site Settings page, select Cookies from the Permissions section.

4. On the Cookies page, make sure that Allow sites to save and read cookie data is turned ON and Block third-party cookies is turned OFF.

ALTERNATIVE: If you wish to continue blocking third-party cookies, you can instead white-list cookies for My DE.  You will need to add two entries to the Cookies settings:

1) Customize and Control Menu
2) Site Settings
3) Cookies
4) Allows sites ON; Block third-party OFF
Alternative: Add entires to allow list

Footnote: What are Cookies?

Cookies are small bits of information web pages you visit store in your web browser.  They are used by your web browser to keep track of your sign in session.

D. MyDE Mobile Login Troubleshooting when using Safari browser

A security setting on your mobile phone will stop you from login into the website.  If you get to a page that says  Welcome [First name]!

Please make the following changes in your settings on your phone : Settings -> Safari -> Advanced -> Advanced Tracking and Fingerprint Protection -> select either "Off" or "Private Browsing".  See screenshots below:

Login Error


Scroll down and select Safari

Scroll down and select Advanced

Select Advanced Tracking & Fingerprint Protection

Select Off or Private Browsing.