School Pass

App Setup and Quick Pin Access

Beginning in the spring of 2024, all parents & drivers will be required to use the SchoolPass app to display their Quick Pin when they visit campus outside of the normal drop-off and pickup times.

The instructions below will help you configure the SchoolPass app and access your Quick Pin.

Lower School Parents will also use SchoolPass to manage dismissal changes and to check into the dismissal carline. Instructions about how to do these tasks can be found HERE.

Download school pass app   (QR codes at the bottom of page)


Use the guide below to accomplish the following:
-Get a  temporary password if you do not remember your password or this is your first time logging in
-Update the password to something you will remember
-Find your quick pin
-Upload a photo.
-Add a driver

Click Forgot Password

It will send you an email from " "  Open the email and copy the password.


Go back to the app and enter your email address and enter/paste the password that was emailed to you

Select Profile

After logining in at the bottom right of the page select the profile icon

Click Change your Password

Scroll down the page and look for password

Change Password

Enter the password you get in the email under current password.  Then enter a new password twice and click save


Under the profile section of the app you will find the view quickpin button which will pop up the QR code and pin to be scanned at the gate

Under Profile

Select + sign

At the top of the profile page, select the plus sign to add a photo to your profile.  

Upload Photo

You can select photo library to use an existing photo on your phone, or select camera to take a photo  Your photo will appear in the circle that has the DE logo in it.


Need to add Drivers, Primary Parents need to open app and at the bottom select drivers

Add Driver

Select Add Driver

Driver Info

Enter First & Last Name, Cell Phone, Email address You must enter an email so driver can login to app. If you forget please delete the driver and re add them.  At this point, email addresses can not be updated

Driver Info Continued

If you have a plate number (not required) enter it then select Add Driver


Drivers are now entered and can
Download & Login to get their pin

Let Drivers know to go to this website (url above) and follow the same directions to login using the email you entered for them.

Apple App Store (iPhones)

Google Play Store (Android Phones)