Notability by Ginger Labs is the iPad app middle-school students use as a digital notebook and is included with every D-E iPad.

How to enable Notability Auto-backup to Google Drive

Ginger Labs and the D-E Computer Service department strongly recommends that everyone who uses Notability enables the Auto-Backup feature even if you already have the iCloud sync enabled. (Ginger Labs states that the iCloud sync is not intended as a backup.) Here is how to enable auto-backup to Google Drive:

    1. In Notability, go to Settings.
    1. Tap Auto-backup then Google Drive.
    1. If you are already signed in to Google Drive, you are finished. If not, you will be prompted to login. Use your Google login - on first screen (Google) and just username on second screen (My DE).
  1. Tap Accept to allow Notability to use your Google account.
  2. Tap OK to the message that confirms you are all setup.
    1. You do not need to change any of the additional options under the gear.

With Auto-backup enabled, PDF copies of all your notes will be saved in your Google Drive account under a folder called Notability. In addition to not losing your notes if something really bad happens to your iPad, you can access a view-only copy of your notes from any Internet connected computer (or even a smart phone) by logging into

How to check your version of Notability

    1. In Notability, tap "i" icon for information.
    1. The version number is listed at the bottom of the information screen -- Version 5.33 in this example:


What to do if Notability won't write or highlight using your finger

This can happen if you have used an Apple Pencil with Notability. If you connect an Apple Pencil to Notability, it will only allow writing input with the Pencil until you disconnect it.

To disconnect the Pencil: Tap and hold on either the highlighter or pencil tools in Notability, then click Disconnect Apple Pencil below the settings for line thickness/color.