ClassroomScreen for teachers

ClassroomScreen is an online tool teachers can use for a variety of classroom management and display features including random group assignments, timers, polls, text/slides and more. Teachers can create a free account and sign in using a D-E Google account. Students do not need an account. (In fact, according to the Terms & Conditions students are not allowed to create an account if they are under 18.)

Pro account

All of the widgets/tools in ClassroomScreens are available using a free teacher account so everything can be tried without even a trial account. If you find it useful, you can get a 14-day free trial (one time) in order to use the Pro features.

Here are some limitations of the Free Version:

  • Limited to 3 lists/sections of students, which are needed for random group creation and the random student selection tool.

  • Can't save any screen setups, which requires you to add and arrange widgets every time after closing the browser tab or if you reloaded/refresh the web page.

More differences are here.

Limited School License for Pro features are available

A limited number of Pro licenses are available to teachers through Computer Services if you determine it is useful to you after using the free and trial versions. Create a support request to the Computer Services Help Desk to request a license.