DE Calendar Introduction

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How Can I access my class schedule in Google Calendar?

My DE (aka Whipple Hill) publishes many calendars including student and teacher class schedules in something called an iCal feed. My DE displays a small, dark icon with radio waves on it in areas where calendar information can be received via iCal.

The directions below list how to use a computer to add a My DE calendar to your Google Calendar account. If you'd like to add a My DE calendar to an iPad or iPhone see D-E calendars on iPhone and iPad.

To make your class schedule appear in Google Calendars, you need to subscribe to the iCal feed associated with your class schedule.

    1. Log in to My DE and select Calendar.
    2. Click on the Web Cal icon - - near the upper-right corner of the calendar. A box labeled "WebCal Feed for External Calendar" will appear.
    3. Under My Calendars, click "Individual Filter Feeds" to display the list of calendars.
    4. Right-click on the LINK (on the right) that says Schedule and copy the link address. (See image below.)
    5. Go into Google Calendar ( At the bottom left-hand area of the screen, find the section labeled "Other Calendars." Click the + (plus sign) to the RIGHT of "Other Calendars" choose "from URL."
    6. Paste in the link URL that you copied in step 4 above. Click Add Calendar.
    7. Your course schedule will now appear in the Other Calendars section but may have a long, unfriendly name. Follow the remaining steps to rename that to reduce confusion later. (If you don't do this, it may get confusing when you add other school calendars.
    8. Move mouse cursor over the calendar name you just added then click on the three dots that appear to the right of the name.
    9. Choose Settings
    10. Next to " Name", replace what is there with anything you wish such as My DE Schedule.

There are other school calendars you might also want to add listed under School Calendars on the My DE Calendars WebCal feed page. Follow the same directions above for any of those.

School employees can also add grade level assessment calendars and the school calendars above by using the Assessment Calendars topic under Resources in My DE. Clickiing on those calendar links will show you the calendar and can be easily added to your Google Calendar account by usng the +Google Calendar button in the lower-right corner.

Copy calendar feed link

Change calendar name

How to schedule an appointment with others

How to edit calendars for other people

Before you can manage calendars for other people, the owner of a calendar must share it with you and give you permission to add events to it. See the Google support page Share your calendar with someone for details on how to do this.

Once someone has shared a calendar with you, their calendar will appear in the list of "Other Calendars." When you create an event in the Google Calendar interface, you will be able to select which calendar you want the event to appear on.

How to share a calendar with your department or workgroup

When you have a team of people who collaborate on projects and need to be aware of particular dates that are relevant to the group, a group calendar is a good tool to use. A group calendar works just like your regular calendar, but multiple people can view and edit its contents. To create a group calendar, click the "Add" link under the My Calendars section and give the calendar a name.

In the Share with People section, add the email addresses of all the members of your department or workgroup. You can make the calendar public to the world by checking the appropriate box on that page. You can also share a calendar with "All Staff," "US_staff," "Grade 9," or any other contact group in the system.