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  • Introductory Video (recommended)

  • Pear Deck with PowerPoint

  • Pear Deck's Tutorials

  • Improvising Questions

  • Training

Pear Deck makes it easy to turn a Google Slides or PowerPoint presentation into an interactive activity to engage your audience. The premium version of Pear Deck is available to all teachers and students who sign in to the service using a Google or Microsoft login.

Introductory Video

Pear Deck with PowerPoint

In order to use Pear Deck with Power Point, we need to import the Power Point into Google Slides. You will see a brief video demonstration on how to do that to the left, but as the video recommends, you can also use this iorad link to learn how to import a Power Point at your own pace.

Pear Deck's Tutorials

Pear Deck also creates their own tutorial videos. To the left is video #2, which teaches you to make a Pear Deck from scratch. You can find all the videos here, including:

  • 6 - How to Use the Teacher Dashboard as a Remote Control

  • 10 - How to Give Students Personalized Notes

  • 13 - Add audio to Pear Deck Slides

Improvising questions

To the left you will see a video preview of the 8-minute demonstration given by Charlie at the US Faculty meeting, which you can view better by clicking here.

This video walks you through opening a Google Slides from the Pear Deck homepage and then teaches you to ask an improvised question using the "New Prompt" feature. It also demonstrates what it will look like to see students responding to your questions.


To the left you will see a video preview of the one-hour D-E specific training session, which you can view better by clicking here. You can also find a student-paced version of the slides from that training here.

Pear Deck also offers recorded and live (online) training multiple days a week. Click "More Training Info" below for more details.

More Training Info

(Click for more details)

Live / Synchronous training

Per the Pear Deck website, training sessions are typically one hour. You must register for sessions on your own by using the Register button on the webinar list at this link. There are also descriptions there. Below are some of the sessions and times they are typically offered, but you need to check the webinar list to confirm.:

  • Pear Deck 101 - Beginner: Tue 4pm, Wed 3pm, Thur 11am & 9pm, and Sat 11am

    • From the website: Learn how to create Decks using the Google Slides Add-on. We’ll cover how to use templates to add formative assessments, polls, and interactive activities. You’ll also see examples of best practices to help cultivate an engaging classroom with Pear Deck both in-person and in remote learning environments. Plus, we’ll save time for your questions!

    • There is also a link to a pre-recorded version of Pear Deck 101 at the bottom of the webinar page.

  • Teaching Remotely With Student-Paced Mode - Intermediate: Tue 11am

    • From the website: This is an exploration of the expansive capabilities of Student-Paced Mode for remote learning. Be ready to join the lesson with your own Google account. You will get a full understanding of the tools from the teacher and student perspective! By the end, you'll be ready to engage your students in your own powerful remote lessons. For this presentation, please log in with a Google account.

  • Foreign Language Lessons and Slides with Pear Deck - Intermediate: Thur 7pm

    • From the website: Ready to supercharge your existing language lessons? Join us as we explore how to transform a new or existing Google Slides presentation into an interactive Pear Deck lesson. We’ll discover how to create each of the 5 interactive question types, as well as discuss different ways to use each question type to engage students and monitor understanding. While we will focus specifically on using Pear Deck in foreign language classrooms, the ideas discussed here can serve as inspiration for any subject.

On-demand / Asynchronous training

  • A recording of the one-hour D-E specific training session on 11/17/20 is available.

    • Click here for a learner-paced session using the training slides.

  • Pear Deck Institute - This asynchronous training portal is good for teachers who want to learn Pear Deck at their own pace. Each module takes about an hour to complete and includes an assessment you can take to earn a certificate of completion. Beginner, intermediate and expert modules are available.

Pear Fair special event - Saturday, Nov 14, 2020 - recordings available

One day of free, live (online) training "filled with carefully curated presentations on topics relevant to today's teaching community. You'll find sessions focused on building classroom culture remotely, app-smashing, leveraging tech tools in your hybrid classroom, Pear Deck for professional development, and much more. " Follow this link for more information, registration, and access to the recordings for Pear Fair.