DigiExam for teachers

Note this recent change:

As of Fall 2021, DigiExam has changed the way students sign in to start an assessment. Students now access the DigiExam web service via the Resources area in My DE then click on the link there to start the DigiExam client software. A student code is no longer required.

Students still need to install the client software first. An information page for students including installation directions is at this link: DigiExam

This information is intended for teachers. An information page for students including installation directions is at this link: DigiExam

DigiExam is a service D-E started using in Spring 2019 to provide secure testing using a computer or iPad. It's similar to using a Google Form to administer a test except that when a student runs the DigiExam client and starts a test, that student's computer or iPad is locked into just the DigiExam client and not released until the exam is handed in. No access to other programs or Internet websites is available while the computer or iPad is locked.

The most complete source of information about DigiExam is the Teacher-related page in DigiExam Knowledge Center.

However, some D-E specific stuff and common questions from D-E teachers are addressed below.

DigExam can be used for assessments during distance learning. An introduction to that is available at DigiExam And Remote Learning

Student Installation

To use DigiExam, students need to install DigiExam software. Ask students to install the software BEFORE the day of your test. Directions are at this link: DigiExam

Also, best practices on the test day are for students to restart their computer right before the assessment and not open any other software until after it is complete. (DigiExam won't run until all programs are closed anyway, but this avoids complications with some software that doesn't exit nicely.)

Teacher and Student Login

    • To take an assessment students use the software installed per the directions above and "login" using their @d-e.org email address for both student code and email address. (This is in the installation instructions above.)

    • To login to the DigiExam website to create or manage an assessment (Teachers) or to see assessment results (Students if permitted by teachers), log in to My DE and choose DigiExam under Resources > DigiExam login (or this link). This allows a teacher or student to login using the My DE password.

DigiExam login

Creating, Administering, and Grading an assessment

Outline of steps: Quick Start for teachers using DigiExam for exams


A. Time Limits:

    • While DigiExam has a feature allowing you to put a time limit on an assessment, folks at DigiExam (verified by some experiences at DE) recommend that you do NOT use the time limit feature. It will complicate the life of you and your students if you need to extend the time of an assessment due to accommodations or something unexpected (like a fire alarm). The suggestion is that you or a proctor manage time the same way you would for a paper assessment when you are in the room with students.

B. Student unable to hand in work:

    • You can avoid students not being able to hand in an exam by making sure they press the hand-in button BEFORE you end the exam. If a student is unable to hand-in the assessment due to you ending the exam first or due to a network connection issue: Restart the exam then use these Restore Answers That Did Not Hand In directions to permit the student to hand-in work. (If the teacher or student is off-campus, use the Monitor View not the USB stick method.)

C. Optional but recommended extra teacher step for on-campus only, high-stakes exams:

    • Most of the time, the following is not an issue, but folks have asked so if you want to be uber-prepared:

      • Once students have downloaded or started an assessment, they can continue to work offline (with multiple versions of work saved) even if they lose network or Internet connectivity. However, if you want to be ready for this, you will need a USB drive (e.g. keychain/flash drive) to "collect" this work completed offline. Note that most student computers (and your DE laptop) have USB C ports, which is smaller than what most USB drives have on them (for now). Adapters for teachers are available in the Taub Center. Once you've collected the work from the student machine, you can easily upload it to DigiExam using your computer in order to grade (or print) the assessment the same as for students who had no connectivity problems. More details on using the offline exam file are in the Offline Exam Files article at DigiExam Knowledge Center. Here are the general steps:

        • (on-campus only) To recover from a network or computer failure during an assessment and restart an assessment via USB drive:

          1. Use the DigiExam website to download the teacher's offline file for the exam onto a USB drive.

          2. Ask the student to open DigiExam client on the student's computer and enter the same log in criteria as when he/she took the exam first (this can be found in the monitoring view of the exam).

          3. When the student has logged in you insert the USB drive in the computer and you will be asked if you want to restart the same exam again. Click yes and the student will be let in and also be able to hand in the exam or save it to the USB drive.

How to recover "lost" work

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While students work during a DigiExam assessment, answers are automatically saved every 10 seconds both to the local hard drive of the student's computer and online to DigiExam servers. If the Internet connection to the student computer is disrupted, saving continues to the local hard drive. After a disruption, students can submit results or continue working with assistance of the teacher following the steps in note B ("students unable to hand in work") under the heading Creating, Administering, and Grading an assessment above.

Additional Information

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