Zoom for teachers

This page will be updated as needed and requested information will be added so check back here later to see the latest version. If something you need to know is missing, please email help@d-e.org with your question or suggestion.

Zoom is an online meeting service available to all DE teaching and non-teaching staff to hold online classes and meetings.

This 10-minute video on basic meeting controls covers the minimum information every teacher (and other meetings hosts) should know before hosting an online class. Please watch it or read through the information on the page.

Zoom Features and more information

For how to create a meeting, scroll down. If you've never used a D-E Zoom account before, see Getting Started.

All teachers and other Zoom meeting hosts will find some of the following features useful for an online classroom/meeting even if they are not necessary. The 10-minute video on basic meetings controls is recommended for everyone.

How to Manage an online meeting or class

Share your screen or other media

Improving your Zoom screen layout:

Zoom Recording

Zoom Help Center

  • The most up to date information from the Zoom company is available to all at the Zoom Help Center.

Main Points if used for online classes over multiple days

    • Students will have a “home base” where all assignments and links to class meetings are posted. For Spring 2020:

      • Grade 6-12 - My DE - Post link and announcement of the next online class meeting as a homework assignment.

      • Grade 4-5 - Google Classroom

      • Grade 1-3 - Seesaw

      • Also, for all LS classes, meeting links are posted on the Lower School Distance Learning Launchpad site.

    • Continue using tools that are familiar to you, but all assignments and upcoming class meetings need to be posted in the correct home base area for your grade.

    • Zoom is the tool you will use to conduct face to face classes.

    • Zoom lets teachers and students:

      • See and hear each other

      • Share screens

      • Collaborate using a shared whiteboard

      • Record meetings, if desired. (This is recommended for any one-on-one meetings with students,)

Get Started by activating your account, installing the software, and logging in

Getting Started directions for teachers and students are here: Zoom

How to Create a Meeting or Online Classroom

If you follow these directions to create your online classroom, you only need to do this once. The web address (aka URL) that you get will not change and can continue to be used by anyone to whom you provide the address.

These directions are for the Mac or Windows program. This can also be done in the iOS/iPad and Android apps but the process is a little different.

To Create a Meeting in the Zoom client for Mac or Windows

    • 1) Open the Zoom app and Sign In (using the Google option and your d-e.org email address).

    • 2) Click the New Meeting button (probably orange)

    • 3) If prompted to choose an audio option, select Join with Computer Audio.

    • 4) After the meeting window opens (probably showing you), click Invite or Invite participants. (You may have to move your mouse cursor into the window to see the controls.

    • 5) After the Invite window opens, click on “copy URL” at the bottom of the screen. This will copy a link to your Personal Meeting ID space (your virtual classroom), which you can post in MyDE, Google Classroom, or Seesaw per your division norms.

    • 6) This link you just copied will allow students to join your virtual classroom/meeting anytime you are there too. Each teacher gets a different link, but this link with your Personal Meeting ID does NOT change for future sessions so you can reuse it as often as needed. For example, you can create the link today, make note of it, then not have to copy it from Zoom later when you want to hold an online class.

New Meeting button

Invite Participants

Copy URL

How to change meeting settings

(click for text directions)

This is how you change personal/instand meeting settings. After starting the Zoom app/program:

    • 1) Click the downward arrow beside the New Meeting button.

    • 2) Move your mouse over your meeting ID number then click on PMI Settings

    • 3) Click on Advanced Options

    • 4) Enable or disable the options you want (see recommendations below) then click Save.

New Meeteing settings

PMI settings

Advanced options

Recommended Settings

The following settings (PMI/Personal Meeting ID settings) are recommended for teachers using Zoom as an online classroom with students::

Recommended meetings settings for classes

For parent conferences or any meeting where you want to allow attendance by people who are not D-E employees or students, UNCHECK "Only authenticated users can join". (Leave Waiting Room on/checked.)